FAQs 🧐

Frequently asked questions

😎 Is this a dating app?

Nope! It's a platform for doing fun things with groups of cool people to spark quality friendships.

🤩Who will I meet?

People as wonderful as you are! The average Refrosher descibes themself as nerdy, cultured, and creative. If you're into that kind of thing, we're off to a good start. 🙌
Of course not everyone will be your cup of tea. But according to our proprietary, non-peer-reviewed research, the time you spend Refroshing is 10x more likely to result in quality, new friends than time spent swiping on Bumble BFF. 🧑‍🔬

🗓 What kind of events are there?

You'll be invited to all sorts of FOMO-worthy happenings produced and hosted by the city's favorite local businesses! Check out our Insta stories for some examples 👀

⏱What happens after the event?

We'll get your feedback to inform your future curated invitations, including what to do, where to go, and who to meet.

🤑 How much does this cost?

Pay per package of credits from $65+. Save about 45% by signing up for yourself and a friend 🎉 Unlike with free apps, our members have "skin in the game," which dramatically reduces flakiness and ensures a higher caliber of potential new friends 👯‍♀️ We're woman-owned and bootstrapped. Your support helps us prove our concept so that we can better attain some of the 5% of venture capital allocated to women and continue building out our vision for ending loneliness

🎟 How many events can I attend?

As many as you like! Not everything will be interesting to you, but we'll further tailor your invitations based on your preferences as we get to know you better. We're still in "proof-of-concept" mode where we're able to offer 2 curated events per week. We'll scale our offerings as we continue to grow

🦺Is this safe?

We screen every member and verify their identity. Creeps are strictly prohibited. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Regarding COVID, we are requiring all active Refroshers to have proof of vaccination. Regarding your psychological wellbeing, yes! The pandemic and modern social media have distanced us from our communities. Getting out and socializing is important. We're here to make it easy, fun, and yes, safe.