Frequently asked questions

Is this a dating app?

Nope. It's a platform to introduce people with similar interests with the goal of sparking lifelong friendships. Of course you might meet "the one" at one of our events, but that's not the intended purpose of this platform.

Who can I expect to meet?

We introduce people with similar interests in similar lifestages. You'll meet a range of people that you'll have something to discuss. Just like with anything else, not everyone will be your cup of tea. But stastically you're at least 80% likely to make a new friend at one of our events.

What kind of events will I be invited to?

Our events are designed to be an enrichment experience. From cooking classes to trivia nights to city tours, you'll get to meet interesting new people while doing something interesting. Group sizes are small so that you can have a dynamic conversation and increased odds of "hitting it off."

What happens after the event?

We'll get your feedback and see if there was anyone we should invite to one of your future events. We encourage you to exchange information with your group and set up follow up plans if you hit it off with anyone. If not, there's always next time!

How much does this cost?

For a limited time, membership is free for your entire first year. The events range from $15-100 per person depending on the activity. We offer a range options to accomodate most budgets. The events will include all supplies needed to participate and may include refreshments. All inclusions and exclusions will be clearly listed in your invitation. From time to time, we will also offer free events!

How many events can I attend?

As many as you like! As we're just getting started, we expect to be able to invite you to 1 to 2 events each month.

Is this safe?

In addition to in-person events, we offer virtual events. We also screen every member and verify their identity. For in-person events, we'll provide guidance for social distancing expectations.

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