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Our inventive journey 👣

Refrosh has been a concept that’s been nagging at me for over a decade. I got the idea for using technology to help people make new friends when I was fresh out of college and in New York City without much of a network. Working in digital media and web development, I had a firm grasp on what technology was capable of and couldn’t understand why this universal problem had never adequately been solved. 10 years later, a plethora of dating apps later, the market is ready and hungry for tech-based solution that actually works.

I had the privilege to share a bit about my journey on The Inventive Journey Podcast with Devin Miller when I had just decided to resume Refrosh. I took him on a rambly walk down my memory lane, and we chatted about my meandering path to where I am today and my vision/inspiration for Refrosh. Give it a listen/watch if you want to hear a bit about what Austin was like 10 years ago, the perils of the fashion industry, and more!

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Notes & such 📄 

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