Using technology to connect people IRL ✨

People tend to have varying opinions as to whether technology is helping or hurting our relationships. It's a complex topic that's an area of study in several graduate research programs. And just like with many other modern concerns, there isn't a conclusive viewpoint.

I started Refrosh to help bridge the gap that raises the above question in the first place. Technology has democratized our access to information and to people from all corners of the world, but it has also shifted a growing percentage of our interactions to flow through a digital interface. While it's made the world smaller, which is great, it's also reduced our in-person exchanges by the nature of consuming so much of our time and attention.

With the rise of dating apps, there's also an "opt-in" quality to forming new relationships. Apart from the very gregarious amongst us, it can be intimidating and awkward to put yourself out there not knowing if the other party is even interested in making a new connection. (Most people are, but our insecurities make us question it.) Also, what if they're in a hurry? Most of us don't want to feel like a bother.

With apps serving as an intermediary, we have confidence that at least the other party is there for a similar reason. For dating, technology has been a game-changer, opening up introductions to people you may never have met otherwise.

What about platonic relationships though? Sure, after a few dates you can decide you work better as friends, but that's somewhat more of an edge-case.

What's been lacking is a digital intermediary to bring people together for the sole purpose of friendship. The rise of loneliness and isolation has made it even more clear that such a service could dramatically improve the lives of so many people.

After college, your chance encounters with people like you are fewer and farther between. The name "Refrosh" represents the concept of recreating the freshman year experience where people are surrounded by people who are there for the same reason. As a former RA (the cool kind, or at least I hope!) and New Student Orientation Leader, I saw firsthand the power of programming and shared experience. They give participants shared context with which to build new relationships.

It is my hope that Refrosh will offer adults the opportunity to meet "their people" in authentic, low-pressure settings. Membership is free for a limited time, and all are welcome to join. We'll match you with likeminded people in curated small group settings around a shared activity. Sign up today if you're itching for a better way to socialize.

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